Why Your WOD Partner is Your Best Friend

Why Your WOD Partner is Your Best Friend

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There’s a reason you can pick out your workout buddy on Kijiji nowadays, having someone to share a WOD with (or any workout) is almost as great as having someone to share a bottle of wine with!… almost! In all seriousness, having a fitness partner with similar goals and physical abilities can do wonders for you!

  1. They get you up in the morning

My WOD buddy lives on my way to our CrossFit box so I pick her up on the way. Truth be told, it’s sometimes the only reason I get up for those morning WODs before work. That’s a lie actually… it’s the ONLY thing that gets me out the door. Despite my initial laziness, I’ve never regretted a morning workout, there’s nothing better than that post-WOD feeling! There’s really something special about having accomplished an early awakening, a WOD, and a shower before the rest of the world has had the time to wake up. And, is it just me or does coffee taste so much better after a WOD?

2. You become Bonnie and Clyde

You get in the gym and you and your partner see it at the same time, TEAM WOD. You exchange a subtle Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke glance, and just like that, today’s WOD just turned into a high class, adrenaline pumping heist! You know each others strengths and weaknesses, you two live for these workouts! Oh but wait… Do I see thrusters on the board? Damn…

3. They make your day a little brighter

We get so wrapped up in our own lives that small talk can become scarce, especially during busy times. It’s normal to want to get into our own little world sometimes, but having a light conversation with your workout buddy can break the intensity of your day and help you relax a bit. You might already be at a certain level of bonding where you and your buddy can unload your life problems while tying your shoes laces. Unloading your life drama right before pounding the life out of those Slam Balls is an amazing therapeutic activity, right up there with sharing that bottle of wine with your friends. Or… finishing that bottle on your own, no one is judging!

4. They can read you like a book

It’s your turn to do the last round of 10 pistols and you think you might pass out instead? You feel guilty asking your partner to help you out? Well, chances are your partner can read your pain signals fairly well by now and she’ll pick up the last few reps without you having to ask.

Congratulations! You and your partner can communicate and help each other out better than an old married couple. I’m convinced that there’s money to make with CrossFit oriented marriage counseling, one day this is going to be a thing! Whether your buddy is your childhood friend or a random person from Kijiji, get ready to gain a valuable friend. They will push you, make you smile and become your fitness accomplice. Happy WODing!

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