Memoir of a Crossfit Newbie

Memoir of a Crossfit Newbie

It’s Fitness Friday! Take a look at one of our readers story about her inspiring CrossFit journey!

Starting out as a Newbie

I’m pretty new to this gym thing.  I mean, I‘ve been to gyms… on and off… for three months at a time… like… 3 times in my life… but that wasn’t a gym.  That was sitting on a machine and pulling some cable down as instructed by a typical generic “personal” trainer. I use inverted commas because every single trainer I’d encountered always prescribed the same program – 12 reps and 3 sets all day *groan*

Then I got fat.  Not huge.  But big enough.  Put a size 16 on a 161cm body frame and you will get the idea.  So I started to jog and leave the fried food at the door (mostly).  I did that for 3 months and started to get bored.  I was seeing a little bit of weight loss but nothing fantastic and I felt myself losing interest (again).  Then a friend of mine introduced me to this small gym where I learnt a second language.  Not just any language… Gym land language.

Something like a CrossFit workout

The trainer told me to get this great big metal bar from the corner of the room, two of the 5kg plates and slide them onto the barbell.  I felt awkward and naked and confused all at once trying to put them on.  He demonstrated a standard back squat and instructed me to attempt it for myself. After a couple of corrections he told me to start adding more weight, so I did, until I was doing 30kg back squats.   He then wrote something up on the white board that looked like a whole bunch of randomness.  It was something like this:

RD1. EMOM: 30kg BS x 5 for 15min

RD2. 15min AMRAP: 5 HSPU, 5 dips, 20 KB swing (20kg/16kg)

RD3. FOR TIME: 50 cal row, 100m farmer (40kg/32kg), 30 goblet squat, 200 hollow rocks

It makes perfect sense now, but back then I had no idea.  He walked us through it and explained everything and then it made perfect sense. As we started the workout, the adrenaline pumping, music blaring, trainer coaching – I realized I had found my ‘something’.  It was like coming home to find that someone had left the light on for me.  I felt joy and exhilaration at my heart pumping and skin sweating.  I made weird animal noises and no one cared.  I felt accomplished. I had just finished something like a Crossfit workout.

My trainer believes in strength, clean eating and aerobic fitness.  His influence filters through me like a life source.  I’ve been training at his gym now for just over a year for 8 group sessions and 1 SPT session a week. He is my mentor and my inspiration and the only trainer I’ve met who didn’t prescribe me a 12×3 workout.  I meal prep.  I take supplements.  I lift heavy.  This week I pushed a 90kg 1RM back squat and I can’t shut up about it.  I’m something like a Crossfit junkie!

– Tracey Field

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