Can Wine Improve Fitness?

Can Wine Improve Fitness?

So… can wine improve fitness? Oh, what a delicious question! Let’s find out.

Is your glass of wine part of your daily routine as much as your morning cup of java? Did you feel a slight embarrassment as you nodded to my last question? Good news… You shouldn’t have!

While conducting research for my post on What Do the Top CrossFit Women Eat ? I was shocked by how many athletes listed ‘Wine‘ as their favorite cheat food. Wine… a guilty pleasure? …Do they know that chocolate biscottis exist?

When Wine gets labeled as ‘Bad’, I feel personally obligated to defend it. Didn’t I read somewhere that wine drinkers will outlive the non-wine drinkers? But… I suppose we rarely question the things we want to hear, right? So let’s turn to a study published on Medical News Today and see if wine can actually improve our fitness performance and maybe even our WOD results.

1. Lung Function

Resveratol, is the famous wine compound at the root of all the recent studies on the effects of red wine on health. According to this study, moderate wine drinkers (up to 250 ml/day) performed better during pulmonary function tests. These assessments include a Spirometry evaluation where the patient breathes in and out of a snug mouth piece connected to a machine. This machine analyses the amount of air the patient can inhale and exhale and the capacity of the patient’s lungs to transfer oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from the bloodstream. Well, a little extra oxygen could definitely be useful mid-Murph, right?

2. Heart Function

The combination of wine’s compounds have proven to trigger the production of omega-3 fatty acids in plasma and red blood cells. So… Whoop de doo? What does that mean?  Turns out that omega-3 fatty acids play an important role in regulating cholesterol levels and reducing LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol). Too much cholesterol can lead to coronary heart disease where the arteries supplying our heart muscles with blood start narrowing due to fatty deposits.  Did the final heat of California Regionals individual men’s event 7 almost give you a heart attack too? Quick, take a glass of wine! I’m just kidding… well, half kidding!

Do you like white wine better? According to a study published in the Journal of Agricultural & Food Chemistry you may be getting the same cardio-protective benefits than the red wine drinkers. Boo-ya!

The magical antibiotic found in red wine, resveratol, can help enhance wine drinker’s health and fitness over the years but the concentration level of the compound in one single glass of wine is, unfortunately, too low to make a considerable effect on WOD results! Also, I should probably emphasize that one glass (yes, only one…) is the recommended daily serving. And.. I wouldn’t suggest drinking more wine to consume more resveratol since a normal human would need to drink 1000 liters of red wine to get enough resveratol to see significant short-term changes in their health. At that point, I don’t think our WOD would go so well, hen?

So what’s the bottom line? If our glass of wine fits into our daily energy requirements, it can only do good for our health! But… we can’t expect miracles.

So red wine might not make us immortal or give us super-WOD-powers. In fact, it actually carries the same drawbacks as any other alcohol like potential dehydration, cirrhosis, high calorie density etc… but I’m still of the opinion that labeling wine as a cheat food is like saying you’re an adult when you turn 18. Like, kind of … but not really.

So, now that you’ve (maybe) newly welcomed moderate amounts of wine into your life, develop your palate and explore the possibilities!

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