Fitness, food and friendship are three things that ignite my passion for life! As a CrossFit enthusiast, many of the posts on here will revolve around CrossFit and nutrition.

It’s also essential to know that I’m a 20-year-old Finance student still turning over the stones on this path we call life. I’m not an expert on biomechanics, endocrinology or hematology. In truth, I’m not an expert on anything, really. BUT I am skilled at understanding my own opinions and I love to extensively research any topic that ignites my curiosity.

Besides my profound interest in health, the intangible things in life are what truly amaze me. Friendship, love, generosity, humor and the power of happiness are the fundamentals I try to emphasize and recognize in everything I do, including these blog posts. So enjoy and engage in the conversation. Let me know what lights your fire!

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